More heavy migration into the region

Posting from my phone here; traveling has me away from an Internet connection so I can’t get the radar up today but will try for later this afternoon. Last night the density and trajectory of migration looked good for bringing birds into the Mid-Atlantic and NY State with less birds making their way into New England. A SW-> NE trajectory should mean more birds at Cape May today, as well as Garret and Sandy Hook.

Good Birding!


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2 Responses to More heavy migration into the region

  1. Simon Lane says:

    A quick stop at Garrett in the way back from the NJ/NY BB Whistling Ducks and waiting for traffic to die down.

    Not many birds, but a decent number of Blackpolls, A few magnolias, a Canada, Redstarts, a couple of Scarlet Tanagers, a single Swainsons Thrush and Growing numbers of Waxwings.

    Is there anything left bar stragglers and later migrating birds?


  2. wendy malmid says:

    Although we were not at Sandy Hook, I can report for ground truthing purposes that there were migrants there today including, Black-billed Cuckoo, Gray Cheeked Thrush, 13 species of warbler some of them local breeders, Olive-Sided FC, 2 MIKI’s, 7 species of tern.