Woodcreeper’s wild ride takes a detour

First of all I want to thank everyone who has made woodcreeper.com as successful as it has become; it is you who make up the 1000’s of daily visitors each spring and fall, and you who provide the feedback that let us all better understand what we’re seeing on the radar. What started in Spring 2004 as a mere curiosity has developed into not only an enduring passion but also a full-time job (my postdoctoral work at NJ Audubon and now the University of Delaware). Unfortunately all of this ‘work’ means I have less time to keep up with woodcreeper.com in a way that I feel is sufficient… so I’m opting to retire the daily updates for the time-being in an effort to spend more time working on my research and raising my two beautiful daughters (including taking them birding!). I’ll continue to post stories of interest to woodcreeper.com, including radar from time to time, but for regular updates you’ll have to turn to the other sites I’ve highlighted at the end of previous posts and listed in the sidebar to the right. If you’re interested in starting a migration site of your own please feel free to contact me and I’ll set you up with the code to do it.

Again, thank you for your enduring support throughout the years. This has been an awesome ride!


Cheers and Good Birding,


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8 Responses to Woodcreeper’s wild ride takes a detour

  1. greg haworth says:

    Not that i ever gave a rat’s ass about birds in New Jersey :), but you man — you’re a prince and i’ll miss your insights to weather and migration. I owe you big time so hunt me down if i can be of assistance in the future.

    Take care David!

    • You can see migration on the Pac NW radars!? If not for you I probably would still only be looking east of the Mississippi. Thanks for keeping the dream alive and representing the ‘last frontier’ of US Migration. I’ll be following your posts more closely as I ponder migration on a much more national scale from now on. If you ever find yourself blown off course, look me up.

  2. Rick Wright says:

    Many thanks to you, David.

  3. Wendy and Stuart Malmid says:

    Sorry that you have to let woodcreeper go but certainly understand the situation. Best of luck to you with your professional as well as personal adventures. We’ll miss you.

    • Thanks Wendy and Stuart-
      You’ve been great supporters since the early days- and taught me a thing or two about migration at Sandy Hook. I’m forever grateful. Who knows what the future holds, until then enjoy the birds!

  4. Ted Krzyzanowski says:

    Fare thee well David. It was so very cool having woodcreeper ‘up and about’ for all these years as it served as a beautiful adjunct to this wonderful life passion that we all have. Your site fleshed out what I often envisioned as I heard weather reports or viewed weather maps back in the day.

    Oh well. All good things must come to an end; “once in awhile you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look it right” – and it worked more often than not. Now, off to the Hook after walking my golden.

    All the best to you and the family.