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  • Back…to the TROPICS!

    Back…to the TROPICS!

    I’m heading to the Tropics! Join me and an intrepid group of birders, naturalists and writers (some are all three!) for some serious fun in Honduras as we put the new Leica Trinovid HD through its paces. The Lodge at Pico Bonito will be home base for the next week! But first I need to get there…

  • Nocturnal Research

    Inga and I were fortunate enough to join the DVOC in visiting one of Scott Weidensaul’s Northern Saw-whet Owl banding stations. The particular station is located near Wayne, Pennsylvania, along the Kittatinny Ridge. Jim Logan Jr. was the lead bander, and working with him were seven owl-savvy volunteers. Several participants “adopted” Saw-whet Owls throughout the […]

  • Winter Finching

    Male Evening Grosbeak (Coccothraustes vespertinus) Originally uploaded by woodcreeper. Inga, Diane, Sandra and I headed north last week in search of the winter finches that have been invading Algonquin Provincial Park in response to the bumper cone crop this winter. This trip was steeped in significance for me; as I’m sure it was for everyone, […]

  • Frosty sparrow

    Frosty sparrow Originally uploaded by woodcreeper. I took some members of the Rutgers Ornithology class along with some members of the Rutgers Field ID course (a graduate ‘birding’ course) to Barnegat Light and the surrounding salt marshes yesterday. The trip was great, with really pleasant (for February) weather on the jetty. 4 Ipswich Savannah Sparrows […]

  • Back from Mexico

    Wow! Veracruz was amazing. Our lab (Ben, Blake and myself + Holly Vuong from the Morin lab in our department) presented our research down at the North American Ornithologists’ Conference, in Veracruz, Mexico last week. It was no accident that the organizers scheduled the conference during the peak of Broad-winged Hawk migration, and although we […]


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