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  • Musical inspiration…

    … N’awlin’s music, to be specific. Do you love it? Does it make you tap your feet, or get you out of your seat and make you dance spontaneously? Well it does to me… and I’m totally getting my fix on In a time when very little comes cheap, this online station is a […]

  • Interestingness

    RunForTheWoods_58 Originally uploaded by woodcreeper. Last Saturday… I was photographing our annual Run For The Woods fundraiser at the Frank G. Helyar Woods (part of the Rutgers Gardens). I love this guy’s display of school spirit! If you can’t read the writing on the paper pinned to his shirt- it says “IMUS SUCKS” On another […]

  • Bird Links

    I’m going to be the teaching assistant for Field Ornithology this coming spring, and in an attempt to find some new teaching resources I have recently been introduced to the online Macaulay Library of Sound and Video, located at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology (thanks Karl!). This is an awesome resource! I was able to […]

  • The Republicans Just Don’t Stop!

    Lies Lies and more Lies…the snakes are loose in Texas. Read the article from the Star Ledger about the Texas tycoon funding anti-democratic smear ads here

  • Practice counting birds online

    Warning: this is addictive! Thanks Jonathan Klizas!


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