Category: Mapping

  • Testing the new layout

    I just updated my WordPress blog by adding the Ocean Mist theme by Ed Merritt. I still need to re-create my header, as the old working document I had was lost in my move from PC to MAC. So far I really like the new look; it’s brighter and a bit more organized… but […]

  • Franklin Township Short-eared Owl Surveys

    View Larger Map So a group of Franklin Township birders have started an owl survey given the recent sighting(s) of Short-eared Owls in the area. Here’s the email I posted to Jerseybirds with details on the surveys…

  • Maps to birding locations

    A recent post on JerseyBirds by Sam Galick inspired me to create some birding location maps (see Sam’s original post here). While Google Maps is a great resource, the limitations are somewhat unfortunate. I found Map Builder to be considerably more flexible in terms of adding site-specific information and adding multiple locations. Here’s a link […]


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