Birds lifting off from New Jersey (PM)

With little to no wind over the state, some birds are on the move tonight. Overall it doesn’t look too impressive, but there are birds moving nonetheless. The cold front that was expected this weekend never made it, and a trough of warm wet air lingers on the east coast (you can see it in the radar). What birds will do east of the front and west of the trough will likely determine what we see in the next few days. The cold front is expected to make it across our area sometime on Wednesday, but that always up in the air…we’ll have to wait and bird, er, see.

This image is from just after sunset today until around 11pm. Click the image below to open the animation.


Birdy Tomorrow?

I just checked out the weather forecast for tomorrow and it looks as if the eye of the storm will track close to the NJ coast, over and past Cape May around sunrise. The strongest winds are in the Northeast quadrant which should be offshore tomorrow morning. Conditions will improve rapidly after the storm passes…should be nice! I’m heading to Cape May Point first thing in the AM. Hope to see some of you there.

No Migration Detected


Very little of anything in the radar this morning, likely due to the southwesterly airflow. Click the image above to see the radar loop from 4am – 7am. Note that what little seems to be in the radar disappears just after sunrise, a sign that some birds were moving, however minimal.