Category: NEXRAD Migration Study

  • Weekend Outlook: Cold Front Approaching

    So the weather forecast for this weekend looks promising. There’s a cold front to our west that’s expected to push into NJ on Saturday…

  • No Migration Detected

    More SW flow last night, nothing moving on the radar for the entire NE. I left for work this morning without sending the imagery to the site- but don’t fret, it was lame (ie. no visible migration).

  • No Migration Detected

    No migration last night, likely due again to the soutwesterly airflow…

  • No Migration Detected

    Winds out of the Southwest seem to have kept much from happening last night. Some small signature is seen after sunset but dissipates by midnight, possible due more to atmospheric causes…

  • Bird on the Move

    Look at that radar light up! Here’s a national composite (click the image to see the animation)…look at how the radar stations light up just after sunset, moving west with the setting sun. The last image is from about 10:30pm. Birds are moving all across the country! …


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