Light Migration Over NJ

Last night saw a light migration over the Garden State. I think we’re getting to the dwindling point as far as migration is concerned. I’d still expect a few more good movements over the next two weeks, but the days of diverse nocturnal movements have passed, at least until Spring. The first big, snowy fronts are approaching, so bring on the throngs of Robins and White-throats (not to mention the winter finches, owls, and waterfowl!). I plan to run the radar updates up until Halloween, so set your watches.

Good Birding 🙂

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One Response to Light Migration Over NJ

  1. On Thursday evening, October 27th at the Empire State Building Observation Deck (NYC), we counted a total of 57 migrants, the majority (44) seen between 8-9pm. During that hour, the sky cleared and winds were West-Northwest at about 10-15mph. At approx. 9:10pm, the winds dimished to 5-10mph, and switched to the west, and the sky became overcast again. The visible migratiion diminished greatly…

    Two migrating American Woodcock were seen during the 8-9pm hour as well.